Thunderbird Metals manufactures aluminum and steel impact extrusions

Range of impact extruded parts

Metal Impact Extrusions

Give your business a competitive edge. Reduce material costs, minimize machining times, maximize strength and performance. Our impact extrusion process quickly produces near-net-shape parts from aluminum or steel.

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Impact extrusion methods
Metal slug puck

This manufacturing process starts with a lubricated metal slug or "puck" that is placed in a die. It is then hit with a punch, forcing the metal to flow forward or backward into shape.


Benefits of impact extrusions
Close up of single stroke impacted part

Single-stroke impacting creates parts at rates up to 4,000 per hour, produces superb tolerance integrity, results in minimal waste, and costs less than other metal-forming processes.


Compare to your process
Impact extruded parts

The impact extrusion process provides a range of cost and performance advantages over other metal fabrication methods. Compare your current process to determine if metal impacting is right for you.

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