Impact extrusions create superior weapons components for the military, defense, and firearms industries

Left close up of impact extruded part. Right Miltary defense aircraft


Superior weapons components—quicker, stronger, lower cost

The military, defense, and firearms industries have monumental responsibilities, and they require parts manufactured to support the strength, complexity, and tight tolerances of their products. Our aluminum and steel impact extrusions quickly deliver those qualities. The process we have perfected to create high-quality near-net shapes will control your per-part costs, reduce machining time, and increase component strength.

Receivers, buffer tubes, and munitions produced with precision

Precision is a must for military, defense, and firearms manufacturing. With impact extrusions from Thunderbird Metals, it's mission accomplished. Whether your need is for AR- and M4-style aluminum receiver extensions or steel mortar tubes for ground forces, we reliably produce long, thin-walled, straight tubular parts and near-net-shape parts to specification.

  • M4, AR, and A2 receiver extensions
  • Shotgun receivers
  • Flare and cartridge cases
  • Mortar tubes
  • Missile components
  • Ordnance
  • Specialty shell casings
  • Scope components
Military defense components

Cut material use, reduce production time

The accelerated production speeds of the impact extrusion process introduce important benefits for military and defense customers. We quickly create near-net-shape receivers and AR-15 buffer tubes that greatly reduce work-in-progress machining and finishing times. Our process starts with a small aluminum blank that is quickly extruded to a near-net shape that is ready for finish machining. This method is much faster than relying on the CNC machine to do all the work of reducing a large piece of aluminum into the completed part. Using our impact extrusion process first, you eliminate wasted time and resources, and increase your volume of parts produced per hour. Beginning with a significantly smaller aluminum blank also reduces your material requirements and produces less waste.

  • Requires significantly less aluminum
  • Reduces machining time 50%
  • Minimizes tooling
Military ordinance components

Lab-tested parts that pass the test in the field

The impact extrusion process creates superior tolerance integrity, and it also naturally work-hardens non-heat-treatable alloys. Our weapons components undergo exhaustive testing in our on-site quality control lab to ensure they conform to customer standards. The result: components featuring high strength-to-weight material with the lasting toughness to serve our military, defense, and firearms customers.

  • Highly uniform grain alignment
  • Stronger, denser components
  • No fire cracks, pores, or parting lines

Take aim at improving your components with higher strength and lower costs.

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