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Achieving optimized parts production

From quicker parts production to stronger finished parts, impact extrusion can offer a range of cost and performance advantages over other metal-fabrication processes. Is impact extrusion right for your aluminum or steel application? How does impact extrusion compare with other metal-forming processes? Explore the advantages our impact extrusion process offers.

Impact extruded parts

Ideal opportunities for impact extrusions

  • Hollow parts featuring one end partially or totally closed
  • Zero draft required on the walls without secondary machining
  • Shells with round, square, oval, or other symmetrical cross sections
  • Producing pressure-tight containers
  • One-end-closed tubes with sidewalls that have internal or external ribs or flutes
  • Part with bottoms thicker than the side walls
  • Your current process requires large amounts of material to be machined from bar stock

Compare your process to impact extrusion

Machining metal

Drawbacks of machining

Machining metal parts begins with a larger amount of material than the finished part and requires the "hogging out" of material to achieve the finished part. This method wastes material and burns through time and tooling.

Benefits of impacting

  • Creates near-net shapes quickly
  • Produces parts faster
  • Results in less material waste
Metal casting molds

Drawbacks of casting

Metal casting creates parts by pouring molten metal into a mold. The metal then cools and hardens into the form given to it by this shaped mold. Casting may be less expensive than machining but is slower, and parts are less precise.

Benefits of impacting

  • Creates thinner wall components
  • Produces parts with closer tolerances
  • Requires less secondary machining
Stainless steel forging

Drawbacks of forging

Forging metal parts uses extreme heat to create parts. Metal grains are aligned during forging, which increases strength, but secondary processes are more difficult. Capital expenses and safety procedures are significant.

Benefits of impacting

  • Produces lighter-weight parts of similar strength
  • Creates closer-tolerance components
  • Reduces secondary machining

Drawbacks of welding

Welding together multiple components to create a complex part is both time consuming and laden with a variety of challenges, including imperfect welds, hazardous fumes, high temperatures, and many other safety considerations.

Benefits of impacting

  • Eliminates connection failures
  • Produces parts that won't leak
  • Reduces labor costs
Deep drawing process

Drawbacks of deep drawing

Deep drawing metal parts introduces a range of concerns, including stress fractures, top-edge wrinkles, necking, tearing, puckering, surface irregularities, uneven top rim, and excess material at the top of the drawn shell.

Benefits of impacting

  • Produces parts with thicker base than side walls
  • Creates parts with length more than twice diameter
  • Requires only one-time tooling cost
Custom metal stamping

Drawbacks of stamping

Metal stamping requires expensive presses to produce simple shapes. The cost and time required for dies results in a longer pre-production process. Dies can be difficult to change, especially if the design must be modified during production.

Benefits of impacting

  • Achieves more complex geometries
  • Offers multiple wall thicknesses
  • Eliminates sub-assemblies

Drawbacks of sub-assemblies

The inherent higher costs of maintaining parts inventory in addition to the added costs of welding or other joining techniques, imperfections in the joining process, and joints that are subject to leaking make this process less than ideal.

Benefits of impacting

  • Eliminates costly welds, joining techniques
  • Produces stronger parts that won't leak
  • Reduces inventory costs

Alternative to your process

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