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Left impact extruded part. Right medical machines photo.


Reliable medical cylinders and sieve beds

Our aluminum impact extrusions are an optimal solution for our clients in the medical industry who must meet rigorous demands for quality, precision, and rapid availability. Lightweight, high-strength alloys mean patients can easily move about with our cylinders while trusting their durability.

Medical sieve bed components

On-time delivery, superior quality when and where it matters

The impact extrusion process produces high-quality parts that achieve superb tolerance integrity. Single-piece components also eliminate connection failures or leaks that are unacceptable in the medical industry. At times, the medical industry requires a supplier that can produce parts quickly. For instance, demand surges after a natural disaster or other mass-casualty event. Impacting is fast, and our ability to deliver medically necessary parts on time is vital.

  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Respiratory products
  • Medical gas cylinders
Medical aluminum gas cylinders

Comprehensive selection of aluminum gas cylinders

We manufacture the broadest line of high-quality aluminum gas cylinders for a wide range of medical applications. From homes to healthcare settings, medical cylinders from Thunderbird meet the demanding needs of patients and professionals alike. With decades of expertise in impact extrusion manufacturing, we produce high-capacity cylinders for healthcare institutions in need of large quantities of medical gases and more compact, lightweight cylinders ideal for easy handling in homes and emergency situations.

Let's discuss your medical application and see how our process can impact your parts production.

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