Discover more about Thunderbird Metals aluminum and steel impact extrusions


Discover more about our impact extrusion capabilities

Aluminum and steel impact extrusions are ideal for a wide range of industries and market applications. Near-net shapes enable faster production of components, reducing manufacturing costs while improving quality. Below you'll find downloadable brochures that include application-specific information about our superior capabilities. If you need additional information, just ask us.

Impact extrusion brochure download

Impact Extrusion

Give your business a competitive edge. Learn how our impact extrusion process quickly produces near-net-shape parts from aluminum or steel.

Firearms components brochure download

Firearms Components

Streamline and accelerate your production while lowering per-parts costs and increasing component strength for your firearms programs.

Oil and Gas Components brochure download

Oil and Gas Components

The aluminum and steel impact extrusion process produces high-density, accurate, and superior parts for the oil and gas industry.

We'd be happy to discuss your application and how our impact extrusion process can help.

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