Vital, high-density components and parts for the oil and gas industry

Right close up of impact extruded part. Left Oil and gas plant.


Vital, high-density components and parts

The steel impact extrusion process perfected at Thunderbird Metals enables us to produce high-density, accurate, and superior parts for the oil and gas industry. Our process creates extruded parts with highly uniform metal grain alignment providing quality, strength, and durability that machining or casting cannot match.

Oil gas components

More than a decade manufacturing oil and gas components

Since 2009, we have supplied vital, difficult-to-manufacture parts to the oil and gas industry, many cold-forged from carbon steel billet. Other parts feature complex internal geometries that are difficult to machine. Our steel and aluminum impact extrusions are available in multiple part configurations for the oil and gas industry: square-cut, beveled for butt weld, grooved per customer specification, threaded, or threaded and tapped.

  • Bull plugs
  • Swages
  • Filter housings
  • Sucker rod connectors
  • Swage buttons
  • Reducing couplings
  • Meter components
  • End caps

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