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Metal impacts for agricultural equipment, building components, consumer products

Thunderbird Metals has the experience and versatility to make aluminum and steel impact extrusions for a wide range of markets, industries, and applications. Impacting is a cost-effective process, producing durable, high-quality products. Our in-house engineering and design expertise coupled with extensive manufacturing and finishing capabilities allow us to elevate the parts production for demanding applications.

Specialty applications parts

Cultivating relationships to better meet your parts demands

Often, our teams meet with customers to gain crucial knowledge about their processes and assembly that allow us to improve our part production processes and services. As part of the Thunderbird family of companies, we have greater resources and operational support to better serve customers.

We bring a depth and breadth of knowledge that enables the efficient production of impact extruded parts for a wide range of specialty applications. We would be happy to discuss your project with you and are prepared to share examples of our success.

  • Agricultural equipment: accumulator housings, filter housings
  • Building products: pole line hardware, electrical components, hydraulic and bowls
  • Consumer products: computer enclosures, fire extinguishers, battery containers
  • Firearms parts: stock receivers, shotgun receivers, rifle telescope components

Learn how impact extrusions can support your special application.

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