Thunderbird Metals engineers ensure our impact extrusions achieve near-net shapes


Near-net-shape manufacturing expertise

Engineers ensure our aluminum and steel impact extruded parts achieve near-net shape while meeting quality and performance demands. We employ a collaborative approach to design the most cost-effective process for producing parts for our customers.

Engineering impact extrusion

Positive impact on your bottom line

Decades of experience provides problem-solving value to our customers. Our engineers work with your team to evaluate your part and its specifications. Collaboration may include visiting your facility to see your capabilities and methods of assembly in order to inform the design and manufacturing process of your parts. When we better understand your needs, we see how we can better serve you.

Borne out of this collaborative approach, we can help improve part designs, make material recommendations, suggest cost-efficient features or tolerances, and use our experience to streamline the overall manufacturing process. Our goal for you is to achieve near-net-shape manufactured parts for quicker, more cost-efficient delivery.

  • Parts evaluation
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Material recommendations
  • Process identification

Learn how to impact your parts production

Through an engaging lunch-and-learn presentation, our team will provide in-depth knowledge of our process and its benefits, show how we can meet the needs of your application, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions. Submit the form to discover how aluminum and steel impact extrusion processes can improve your parts production.

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Find out how you can benefit from our impact extrusion processes.

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