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A track record of high quality and performance

Our aluminum and steel impact extrusion process provides custom-engineered, near-net-shape parts for automotive OEMs, Tier One, and Tier Two suppliers. Impacting reduces raw material costs, minimizes machining, and maximizes strength and performance. Secondary services streamline automotive component production.

Automotive components

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The impact extrusion process is ideally suited for the high-volume, high-quality demands of the automotive industry. Impacting is fast and accurate, producing tight-tolerance parts at rates up to 4,000 per hour. Aluminum impacts meet the lightweight demands of the auto industry while steel impacts offer strength and durability. The extruded parts feature the attributes of a wide variety of automotive components: thin-walled, hollow, symmetrical, and closed at one end.

  • Engine components
  • Air conditioning components
  • Airbag cannisters
  • Steering and drive shaft yokes
  • Shock bodies
  • Pistons, including brake pistons

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