At Thunderbird Metals, quality impact extrusions begin with in-house tooling expertise


Quality impact extrusions begin with tooling expertise

Our fully equipped in-house tool and die shop enables us to produce advanced aluminum and steel impact extrusions quicker, more cost-efficiently, and to higher standards than typical industry benchmarks.

Tool and die impact extrusion

Our in-house advantage is yours

The ability to design, manufacture, and maintain our own impact tools and machine fixtures provides our customers many advantages. Our tooling is typically complete in about 12 weeks, which can be weeks to months quicker than other options. We can produce more complex parts with innovative die designs, leading to cost savings for you. Our dies can include features that eliminate waste and reduce the need for secondary operations such as machining.

The tooling we design and produce in-house is durable and long-lasting. In the event one of our tools or dies does not consistently meet project demands or becomes damaged, we can correct the situation ourselves. Our tooling expertise means we are able to provide customers with more accurate cost and timeline estimates.

  • Multiple CNC mills and lathes
  • Wire and conventional EDM
  • Tool-room heat-treat furnaces

Find out how you can benefit from our impact extrusion processes.

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